I have seen quite a few leaders demonstrating the democratic leadership style in my career. Some of them have truly bought into it and worked for the strong empowerment of the team members and actively seeking and processing input and ideas from others. Communication has always been a great part of it, so make sure

Some of the strongest relationship-oriented leaders I have met in my CEO roles were amazing to watch. They could truly do magic for employee engagement and get a team moving in the same direction. However, relationship-oriented leadership also needs to be balanced, as I will show you in this article. We start with an explanation

I have met many task-oriented leaders during my CEO career, and the more senior they were, the more disadvantageous their task-oriented leadership was. Task-oriented leadership always has a place, but it must be balanced carefully with other behaviors, as I will explain in this article. Let us start with a short and precise explanation of

This article describes the differences and similarities of transactional leadership and laissez-faire leadership. In my leadership career leading up to my role as a CEO, I met both transactional and laissez-faire leaders, and I have also read lots of literature on both styles. I have combined my experience and knowledge when comparing transactional and laissez-faire

Active Management by Exception leadership is a version of transactional leadership which has both pros and cons. I have witnessed and even used active management by exception myself during my international leadership career, although I was very far from it when I was a CEO. Let us kick off this article on active management by

Passive Management by Exception leadership is a version of transactional leadership. The passive management by exception approach has both advantages and disadvantages, which will be shown with a few examples in this article. During my twenty year leadership career, I have seen plenty of leaders use passive management by exception, sometimes with good outcomes, and

There are some disadvantages to democratic leadership that you need to be aware of. Once you understand these disadvantages, you can counter them and limit any drawbacks of the style. Most of the democratic leadership disadvantages are centered on time and lengthy decision-making, and I have managed to limit these drawbacks as well in my

There are many strong advantages to democratic leadership, which is one of the reasons why I have used the style in my job as a CEO of an international company. Most of the advantages of democratic leadership circle around collaboration and creativity, as you shall see. Democratic leadership is when an empowered team fully participates

Here are some examples of famous people who used democratic leadership as part of their leadership repertoire. These examples of democratic leaders include business people and a former U.S. President with a military background. A good mix of democratic leader examples. First, a recap of this style from our democratic leadership article: Democratic leadership is

Here are some democratic leadership quotes that really speak to me as a democratic leader and a CEO. Perhaps you can use a few of these democratic quotes to show your team members exactly what democratic leadership is all about? For information on this leadership style, its definition, how to implement it, etc., please read