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About The Author

Carl Lindberg has had the fantastic opportunity to be a leader in many different areas of business. At most, he has led more than 2000 people and had financial responsibilities above 1BUSD. Carl has worked with direct reports in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia and employees in about twenty different countries. Carl has lived on three continents, learning about leadership and communication in different cultures. 

It has been a learning experience to be a business leader in a global context with so many languages, cultures, and customs involved and still building teams and delivering common goals. I have enjoyed every bit of it and I still do!

Carl Lindberg - Author AND Leadership Expert

Carl regularly seeks opinions and advice. He listens well and synthesizes opinions with his own view and opinion. This approach gets people on board and make us part of decisions. He is a good communicator – both in terms of language/tone and content. Carl can be very direct when needed and he has demonstrated an ability and courage to face and approach also difficult situations in a good and honest way. He is very intelligent which is displayed in his analytical skills and ability to quickly process information and use it in decision-making. Carl is a good listener.

Vice President who reported to Carl

Carl is a leader who also reflect on his leadership and seek feedback to improve. He is also open, transparent, and flexible. He has a fantastic ability to adapt to different situations which is really good for the team. Carl works fast and very efficient, and I appreciate that he explains how he thinks and motivates different decisions.