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affiliative leadership examples in business

Affiliative Leadership Examples in Business

Affiliative leadership applies to your team and also to external stakeholders. For instance, I repeatedly see affiliative leadership examples in business when it comes to relationships with customers and suppliers. This article outlines affiliative leadership examples in business to provide you with a broader understanding of this leadership style. All affiliative examples are based on …
transformational leadership examples

Transformational Leadership Examples

I have seen many transformational leadership examples during my leadership career and in my role as a CEO. I wrote this article to detail two examples of transformational leadership and broke those examples down along the four elements of transformational leadership for increased understanding. Before we get into the examples, here is a quick overview …
contingent reward in transactional leadership

Transactional Leadership: Contingent Reward

Contingent reward leadership is a version of transactional leadership. The contingent reward approach to leadership has both advantages as well as disadvantages, which will be shown with a few examples in this article. I have seen quite a few approaches to contingent reward leadership during my leadership career, and as a CEO, some good, some …
democratic leadership examples

Democratic Leadership Examples

I have been asked to provide a few more democratic leadership examples to bring this leadership style alive more concretely. The democratic leadership examples in this article are all based on real-life stories from my leadership career and my role as a CEO. Before we go into the democratic leadership examples, I will provide you …
Why visionary leadership is important and needed

The Importance of Visionary Leadership and why we need it

In my job as a CEO, I see a constant need for visionary leadership, and I put great importance on it. You need visionary leadership to gather people to move in the same direction and feel a stronger purpose. Visionary leadership is important since it helps to address a fast-changing world and creates sizable long-term …
Coaching leadership examples

Coaching Leadership Examples

As a CEO, I have plenty of coaching leadership examples from my career in business. I believe you should always have a coaching leadership element in your repertoire, and this article contains four different approaches, with real-life coaching leadership examples from the world of business. This is a deep-dive article in coaching leadership examples connected …
commanding leadership examples

Commanding Leadership Examples in Business

This article contains a few real-life commanding leadership examples from my career as a CEO. I hope you find these commanding leadership examples interesting and that you can utilize my experiences in your favor. Before we get to the examples, I will give you a short introduction to commanding leadership to set the scene. If …

Commanding Leadership – What is it? Pros/Cons? Examples?

As a CEO, I have met all too many commanding leaders. The commanding leadership style quickly becomes ineffective in more complex situations involving senior people and leads to horrible employee engagement in the long run. However, commanding leadership can work well for low complexity tasks in more junior teams. This article explains the commanding leadership …

The Kurt Lewin Leadership Experiments

The Three leadership styles by Kurt Lewin rose to fame as part of the Lewin leadership experiments of 1938 and 1939. This article presents the Lewin leadership styles experiments together with some well-founded criticism putting their results into a different light. We start with a few answers to set the stage for you. What was …

Criticism of the Lewin leadership styles: Why they are bad, and why you should avoid them

If you have read my article on the Kurt Lewin Leadership Styles, you noticed my skepticism towards them. This article explains my reasoning in a bit more detail. I see five areas of significant concern for the usability and viability of the Lewin leadership styles framework. I explain them thoroughly in this article. In the …

About the Author

Carl Lindberg is a global business leader that has led organizations of more than 1000 people and 200-500 MUSD revenue. During his career, he has led employees in twenty different countries and has lived in three continents. Learn from him and his leadership experience by attending the Democratic Leadership Course.

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