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Kurt Lewin Leadership Styles

The Kurt Lewin leadership styles is one of the oldest leadership styles frameworks there is. Additionally, the Lewin leadership styles are probably the most commonly mentioned today, very much undeserved, as I will show in this article. As my own leadership career and my interest and proficiency in leadership styles have grown, the more I …

Affiliative Leadership Examples in the Workplace

When I discuss leadership styles with others, they often ask me for examples of affiliative leadership in the workplace. For some reason, it seems daunting to find those excellent examples that are easily translated to other workplaces. This article provides you with workplace examples that hopefully inspire you to be an affiliative leader. For those …

Leadership Development: Why We Need It and Why It Is Important

As a CEO, I am brutally aware that we live in an ever-changing world where technological and societal change brings advantages and challenges in unison. Companies demand plenty of skillsets to tackle these shifts and attain success in their industries. Leadership skills are undoubtedly crucial, yet Leadership Development often gets too little focus. Why Do …

Ethical Leadership Explained by a CEO

I have to focus a lot on ethical leadership in my job as a CEO. Otherwise, people would not follow me. If I lack ethics, people will not trust me, and therefore they will not believe in my visionary leadership, my communication, or anything else of what I do. Ethical leadership should be a cornerstone …

How does autocratic leadership motivate employees?

The quick answer to how autocratic leadership motivates employees is simple. Autocratic leadership does not motivate employees. It demotivates employees and effectively destroys employee engagement. I’ve gone from specialist to CEO in my leadership career and seen many autocratic leaders fail miserably with employee motivation on the way. How does autocratic leadership motivate employees? Autocratic …
Management by walking around

Management By Walking Around Explained By a CEO

Management by Walking Around is a very beneficial concept for leaders. I have used it to great effect during my CEO career, where it has contributed to driving employee engagement extraordinarily fast, as I will share with you in this article. What is Management By Walking Around? Management By Walking Around (MBWA) is a strategy …
Democratic or Participative leadership style

How can democratic leadership be effective? – CEO Reflections #17

I have often used the highly effective Democratic leadership style during my career as a CEO. Democratic leadership is particularly effective in experienced and skilled teams and can result in genuinely empowered teams. It is such a fantastic style that I put together a democratic leadership course showing you how to implement it, based on …

Transformational vs. Visionary Leadership – CEO Reflections #16

I have encountered both transformational and visionary leadership during my career as a CEO. Both styles are great and very useful in modern leadership. This article shows the key differences, the similarities, and a general comparison between visionary and transformational leadership. What are the similarities between Transformational and Visionary Leadership? Both transformational and visionary leadership …
leadership activities with lego

Leadership Activities and Games

I have seen many different leadership activities and games as a senior leader and a CEO for an MNC. Some of them are good, and, to be honest, some of them are a waste of time. I will introduce you to sixteen different leadership activities and games in this article. I am sure there are …
Authority obedience management or produce or perish management

Authority Obedience Management, a.k.a Produce or Perish Management, explained by a CEO

Authority Obedience leadership, also known as Produce or Perish Management, is one of the worst leadership styles available. As a CEO, I would never use the Authority Obedience management style, and I actively avoid hiring leaders who would use it. Learn more about Authority Obedience management in this article and make sure to avoid using …

About the Author

Carl Lindberg is a global business leader that has led organizations of more than 1000 people and 200-500 MUSD revenue. During his career, he has led employees in twenty different countries and has lived in three continents. Learn from him and his leadership experience by attending the Democratic Leadership Course.

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