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About the author and the purpose of this blog.

About the author, Carl Lindberg

I have had the fantastic opportunity to be a leader in many different areas of business. At most, I have led up to 1000-2000 people and had financial profit and loss responsibility in the size of 200-500 MUSD. I have worked with direct reports in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia with employees in about twenty different countries and I have lived in three different continents during my career. It has been a learning experience to be a business leader in a global context with so many languages, cultures and customs involved and still building teams and delivering common goals. I have enjoyed every bit of it and I still do!

A brief overview of the experience and career of the author.
A brief overview of the experience and career of the author.

With a bit more detail..

Ever since I was a child I have been interested in leading and leadership. Early in life, I also realized I had some natural talent for it and I very often became the spokesperson for my group of friends in a spontaneous and informal fashion.

I started working extra on off hours and holidays already when I was thirteen years old. I tried several different nonskilled labor type jobs until I finished my Master of Science in Engineering. At that point I ended up working with project management and IT.

The first time I was in a supervisory capacity at work was at 16 years of age. By 25-27, I was managing my own department and global projects in a multinational corporation. I joined my first management team before I was 30 and got my first Vice President job with a Profit and Loss responsibility of 25-75 MUSD around the same time. I have managed sizeable projects involving over 20 countries.

Through a career in different positions in multinational corporations, I have met with customers and suppliers from at least 20 countries from six different continents. I have had direct reports in Asia, Americas and Europe, most often simultaneously. I have had employees from USA, Australia, Philippines, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Austria, Finland, UK, Argentina, Poland, Panama and Peru to mention a few countries. I have tried and seen many leadership styles applied over the years.

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Over the years, I have always enjoyed managing business and lead people. Being a leader is the best thing in the world if you ask me. I have worked with many different topics and functions, sometimes in permanent and sometimes in added interim positions and in several different continents: Sales, R&D, IT, Project Manager, Operations, Finance in levels ranging from manager to C-level. I have been in admin mode, maintain mode, growth mode and turn around mode at least one time in my career.

I focus on communication and empowerment when I lead. I have experienced working together with a highly motivated, truly cooperative and very ambitious management team. That setting is unbeatable if you ask me and results in fantastic business development, great growth and profit as well as a tremendous amount of trust and fun. That was one of the best atmospheres I have ever worked in!

There are separate pages where I tell you about the best books for leaders and the best productivity tools for leaders I have accumulated over my years as a leader.

Why did I start this blog?

About the author and the purpose of this blog.
About the author and the purpose of this blog.

There are several reasons why I have started blogging: fun, the learning experience, getting in touch with leaders all over the world and also trying to pass on some of the knowledge I have gathered over the years.

You can contact me at carl.lindberg(@)leadershipahoy.com if you have any questions or comments.
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