Leadership Styles Quiz – Kurt Lewin Styles

Use our Lewin Leadership Styles test to get an indication of whether you use an autocratic, laissez-faire, or democratic leadership style

What is your take on trust in your team?
How do you motivate people?
Do you monitor the team and team members closely?
How would you describe yourself as a leader?
What describes you best as a leader?
How much structure and role clarity do you have in your team?
How is the power distribution in the team you lead?
Do you think you enable creativity and innovation?
What is a great leader to you?
Should a leader have to develop the people he or she leads?
If there is a conflict between team members, what do you think a leader should do?
What statement fits best to describe how decisions are made in/by the team you lead?
What role do you take in team meetings?
What should a leader do if a team member makes a mistake?
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This leadership style test is only an indication and should not be taken as scientific analysis and result of the leadership styles you use.

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