Many people have asked me what it is like to be a manager. As a CEO, I know a lot about being a manager, not just from my own experience but also through following many managers at different levels and learning how they experience being managers. I have had more than ten different management positions,

As a CEO, I am brutally aware that we live in an ever-changing world where technological and societal change brings advantages and challenges in unison. Companies demand plenty of skillsets to tackle these shifts and attain success in their industries. Leadership skills are undoubtedly crucial, yet Leadership Development often gets too little focus. Why Do

I have seen many different leadership activities and games as a senior leader and a CEO for an MNC. Some of them are good, and, to be honest, some of them are a waste of time. I will introduce you to sixteen different leadership activities and games in this article. I am sure there are

I have seen both good and bad organizational cultures during my career as a business leader. I have been affected by them and I have affected them. Once, I got the opportunity to really embark on a culture change journey in the role as CEO. In this article, I will describe how leaders influence organizational

As soon as you graduate from college, you’re extremely likely to settle for an entry-level job in your ideal career field. You spend a good amount of time proving yourself to be a professional while also gaining a ton of experience in the process. Now it’s time to work your way up to leadership positions.

In my career as a business leader, I have learnt the importance of having a proper cost strategy. Working with your costs have proven successful many times, but it has its challenges. In this article, we will elaborate on the concept of cost leadership. We will explain the concept, provide its advantages and disadvantages as

Price leadership is a fascinating topic for a business leader such as myself. It supplies a frame work in which to understand the market you are in, and it outlines the opportunities or problems that can occur if a single player becomes dominant in a market. This article will explain what Price Leadership is, how

Do you have direct reports or team members working in a remote location? Do you meet one on one once a month, every two months, or even less? Even if you meet on a weekly basis, it can be important to create good communication channels to stay connected with each other. Since I have worked

I have found myself having direct reports or team members in multiple time zones several times during my career. In some cases, it has just been one to three hours. In other cases, it has been six or seven hours and all the way up to a thirteen-hour time difference. Since I have worked in

Most business leaders have been there – the dreaded situation when your gross margin is dropping without you knowing exactly why this is happening. I will go through some of the more important drivers behind your gross margin in this blog post. The aim is to provide you with some guidance and ideas for where