Charisma is a trait, you might argue, but the reality is that you can develop and learn to improve your charismatic qualities. Robert J House pointed to the situational factors as well as the behavior of the leader in his work on charismatic leadership. You can improve both situational factors and behaviors in order to

Our article on charismatic leadership focuses mostly on the good things about charisma, and now it is time to introduce the dark side of charismatic leadership. It is essential to mention that things could take an ugly turn regarding charismatic leaders. Charisma could be a slippery slope with a very dark side on some occasions.

This article contrasts and compares charismatic and transactional leadership, two very different leadership styles. Let us start with short introductions and background of both leadership styles before we go into an actual comparison of charismatic vs. transactional leadership. Introduction to Charismatic Leadership Max Weber created a definition of three types of leadership authority: charismatic, traditional,

This article outlines the similarities and differences between charismatic leadership and servant leadership. Suppose you are already acquainted with both styles. In that case, you can scroll past the introductory parts, which are intended as initial guidance and background for this comparison of servant and charismatic leadership. In the end, these two leadership styles are

Charismatic and visionary leadership have substantial similarities but remain very different due to the dependency on the leader’s persona. In this article, I compare visionary and charismatic leadership to highlight similarities and differences. As a CEO, I have seen examples of both, and although they are both great leadership styles in limited doses, they tend

There are some similarities between charismatic leadership and transformational leadership style for sure. There are also huge differences.. Let us set the stage with short introductions of the charismatic leadership and transformation leadership styles that are being compared in this article. I will use descriptions and theories for these styles as well as my experience

I have seen some great charismatic leadership during my career as a leader and CEO. People, as well as leaders, have different personalities, and every now and then, you meet someone that uses charismatic leadership and feels almost magnetic. Charismatic leadership, in combination with genuine charisma, can definitely impact people in extraordinary ways. This article