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I was struggling for years..

Then I learned to establish collaboration, creativity, and team spirit.

Company profit doubled, and my career accelerated!

I have had many leadership roles during my career, ranging from project manager and department manager, to EVP Sales and CEO. I always found it difficult to get the team to go the extra mile, and to work for a bigger purpose than just putting in their hours and get their wages. When I was promoted, I often found myself leading a team with plenty of problems. Team members often:

  • Focused more on their individual achievement than the overall performance of the team
  • Accepted mediocre performance: always finding excuses, such as market changes, the economy
  • Lacked creativity: never questioning their own way of working
  • Failed to collaborate: not seeing the needs of others’ or unwilling to help
  • Went for suboptimized results: failing to see the big picture and overall purpose
  • Either dominated the meetings completely, or hardly ever spoke

This lack of team spirit and accountability often required my personal intervention to resolve conflicts or to get things moving. People spoke through me as their boss, rather than directly to eachother. Not only was performance failing, but I found myself overworked, since every little thing required my personal attention in order to keep moving.

These problems kept myself, the team, and the organization from succeeding. I was frustrated, annoyed, and upset, feeling I had been put in an impossible situation. But over the years, I learned how to deal with this, reshape and refocus the team, and get us all moving in the same direction.

At one point, I was the CEO of a company with more than 1000 employees, which was struggling with quality, dropping customer satisfaction, employee turnover, and literally zero innovation. I used all my skills and knowledge as a leader, and managed to turnaround this international company, more than doubling the profit to more than $30 million within three years. As I was going through this tough time of transforming an entire company, my theoretical knowledge in leadership was also growing. I understood that my own recipe of success, was very much a good implementation of democratic leadership..

I put all my knowledge and twenty years of leadership experience in successfully running teams with a democratic leadership approach into this online course!

Course Benefits Making You A Better Leader:

  • Learn how to use democratic leadership, not just what it is like in other courses
  • Knowing how to best use your team
  • How to include all the right team members to maximize creativity and innovation
  • How to on-board your team on the concept of democratic leadership
  • Become a good meeting facilitator
  • How to treat good and bad suggestions
  • Maximize Creative Input in Meetings
  • Knowing the importance of transparency
  • How and why to regularly communicate with your team
  • How to reject ideas in a good way
  • When to seek consensus, and when not to
  • Implementing common targets in a team
  • How to empower others, while still holding them accountable
  • How to resolve collaboration issues
  • Improve Performance and Results
  • Ways to boost team spirit
  • Get Yourself Noticed as a Great Leader
  • No risk: You can get refunded within 60 days of purchase


Democratic Leadership Course for Managers:

This democratic leadership course for managers is packed with advanced methods and tricks I have successfully used during my career as a CEO.
Get noticed at work by driving empowerment, innovation, accountability, and performance in your team.
Transform yourself into a better leader and get on a quicker path for promotion and a higher salary!

Your Key Benefits

  • Learn how to use democratic leadership, not just what it is like in other courses
  • Improve Performance and Results
  • Unlock Creativity and Engagement
  • Resolve Collaboration Issues and Boost Team Spirit
  • Get Yourself Noticed as a Great Leader
  • No risk: You can get refunded within 60 days of purchase

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Testimonials to Carl Lindberg’s Leadership:

Carl is a leader who also reflect on his leadership and seek feedback to improve. He is also open, transparent, and flexible. He has a fantastic ability to adapt to different situations which is really good for the team. Carl works fast and very efficient, and I appreciate that he explains how he thinks and motivates different decisions.

Vice President, previously reporting to Carl Lindberg

Carl regularly seeks opinions and advice. He listens well and synthesizes opinions with his own view and opinion. This approach gets people on board and make us part of decisions. He is a good communicator – both in terms of language/tone and content. Carl can be very direct when needed and he has demonstrated an ability and courage to face and approach also difficult situations in a good and honest way. He is very intelligent which is displayed in his analytical skills and ability to quickly process information and use it in decision-making. Carl is a good listener.

Vice President, previously reporting to Carl Lindberg

I am a student finishing my BA program in Leadership and Management, and I’m happy to get this information because I know soon it will help me in one way or the other after completing my studies.

Cathy, regarding Carl’s engagement at Leadershipahoy

This Expert Course Suits:

  • Project Managers
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Senior Managers and Directors
  • Vice Presidents, SVPs, EVPs
  • Teachers
  • Anyone with management experience above 2 years.

Course Teacher:

This course is given by Carl Lindberg, who has decades of leadership experience, including:

  • CEO of an international company
  • Led numerous management teams
  • Headed 2000+ employee organizations
  • Financial responsibility above $1.5B
  • Cultural experience from three continents

Course Sample: Hear Carl explain one of the Eight implementation steps

Improve your leadership skills rapidly by mastering
the Democratic Leadership Style!

  • Improve your personal leadership, and how to inspire and empower others!
  • Become an Inclusive Leader and tap
    into the creativity of your team!
  • Improve your communication and run
    weekly meetings like a CEO!
  • Make your team feel that they matter! Performance will grow as a result!
  • Learn how to faciliate and run meetings for maximum impact and results!
  • Learn how to deploy joint target-setting in
    a way that works!
  • Learn how to use one of the most popular and scientifically proven leadership styles!
  • Increase performance, profit, and boost your
    own career for new opportunities and higher salaries!

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Transform yourself into a better leader in eight steps!
(A real-life CEO guides you)

The democratic leadership course gives you the tools to improve team climate by empowering, including, and engaging the team members. Democratic leadership is part of several well-renowned scientific leadership theories and has been proven to improve team climates. I have used theoretical information from a large number of books and research papers together with my practical experience from leading as a CEO and combined it all into this democratic leadership course. I have used the democratic leadership style to shape and build great teams, that are truly capable and engaged. Together, we more than doubled the profit of a global company in a few years, resulting in tens of millions in increased profits.

You can also learn democratic leadership and improve your own and your team’s performance by attending this democratic leadership course. Who better to learn from than someone who has international leadership experience in using this specific leadership style.
There is no other democratic leadership course like this available online today. You can also get a refund within 60 days if you are unhappy with the course.

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Are you struggling to get that promotion or salary increase?

Strong performance will help you to obtain a higher salary increase or even a promotion. In my job as a CEO, democratic leadership is one of the leadership styles I use most frequently since I have found that it builds performance through engagement, a sustainable approach rather than ordering people around for short-term productivity peaks.

Screenshot from the course

Democratic Leadership will help you reach the following:

  • An open atmosphere where innovation and creativity is natural
  • Empowered team members who can take quick and thought through action in a responsible fashion

Here is an example from the course where Carl explains the sixth step of implementing democratic leadership, namely joint target setting.

  • Loyal team members who go the extra mile since they are highly engaged
  • A whole team of people who cooperate and collaborate to improve and perform

If you make this happen, the course might pay for itself with your next salary increase since great performance rarely goes unnoticed! Also, it is risk-free since we have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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What makes this Democratic Leadership training so different?

Most available courses on leadership styles teach you what the style is all about, its advantages, disadvantages, etc. But few of them, if any, teach you how to use the democratic leadership style in such a way that you can transform the theoretical information into a practical skillset. This democratic leadership course actually does that, and besides information about the democratic leadership style, you get:

  • Secret tips and tricks from a seasoned CEO that you can use to improve your leadership
  • A detailed walkthrough of the 5 elements of Democratic Leadership and exercises that help you internalize the knowledge and transform into a democratic leader
  • A democratic leadership development plan that you personalize during the exercises of the course with my guidance
  • Detailed explanations on how you can implement democratic leadership in eight steps, one at a time
  • A thorough example of how to run a meeting in a democratic leadership way, the way a CEO does it
  • Example of how to use a democratic approach to improve customer satisfaction together with your team
  • How to scramble around a big problem, such as the example of a delivery crisis, together with your team in a democratic fashion
  • 2 hours and 45 minutes of course material: Listen to the audio while driving, jogging, or doing something else, or watch the video with the supporting presentation slides – it is completely up to you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about the course platform, how you gain access, etc.? Look no further!

When and How Can I Access the Course?

Once you have paid for the course, you will immediately be forwarded to a landing page that contains a login link to the course, which is hosted by Coachannel. The page also contains your user information which you will need as you log in. The user credentials and the link will also be sent to you in a separate email to the address you specified upon registration and purchase. You can access the course for six months after purchase. In a nutshell: you get access to the course immediately upoon payment.

What Platform is the Course Hosted on?

What is the Format of this Course?

The course is in video format with Carl Lindberg narrating, and information packed slides to further strengthen the information Carl teaches you. Given the nature of the course, you can easily listen to the course and understand and learn the contents without seeing the video. This enables you to learn by listening as you commute, fold laundry or other suitable activities in your most likely already packed agenda.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Course?

The course is sold by Digistore24, a distribution platform we cooperate with, and hosted at Coachannel.com, a professional platform built specifically for hosting and delivering online courses.The platform contains a user interface where you can easily navigate between different parts of the course, a progress indicator shows how far along you are, and where applicable, the course block page has additional information and exercises in text form below the video.

The course consist of roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes of video and audio material. However, it is important that you try the steps in real life, hence, I would recommend you to go through blocks one to six during the first week or two, to understand the concept, aspects and elements of democratic leadership. As you get to block 7: From Theory to Practice, I recommend you move forward at slower pace with one or two steps per week. This is to enable you to truly try the techniques in your life, observe others and how they behave, and understand the potential impact of using the techniques you have learnt. If you go too fast, there is a risk that your knowledge stays theoretical and that you do not fully transform into a new type of leader. The democratic leadership plan template is there to help you build your own schedule with concrete steps and actions to transform yourself. Depending on you and your needs, the course might take shorter or longer time to complete.
If you use this approach, you would spend about six to ten weeks with the course, and really emerge into the content and developing new practical skills that will stay with you for the future. That said, you can complete the course in less than three hours, but that means you are less likely to develop yourself.

What if I am Disappointed with the Course?

Although I am confident that you will enjoy the course and learn some great leadership skills from it, I understand if you are concerned before purchasing. You have sixty days money-back guarantee and can contact Digistore24 for a refund within that time, so no need to worry.

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