• Struggling with leading others?
  • Not getting the cooperation you need?
  • Do you care more about the goals and targets than your team members?
  • Is your team not passionate about what they do?
  • Is your career not moving as expected?

The list of leadership challenges is endless, and knowing how to use leadership styles resolves these issues and a surprising amount of other problems. I have seen this happen, both for myself during my CEO career and also for my team members over the last seven years.

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Some of the problems this course solves for you:

  • Get your career moving by showing leadership prowess
  • Get a new management position by displaying critical leadership skills and capabilities
  • Increase your salary by getting the performance you have been struggling with
  • Become a true leader and not just a control and monitor manager
  • Avoid getting stuck in your leadership behavior and approach every situation the same way
  • Stop being “bossy” and use additional tools for leadership
  • To truly understand your team members so you can drive performance higher
  • Reduce employee turnover by becoming a people-oriented leader
  • Get people to profoundly care by providing them with a vision
  • Develop your team members to become better and higher performing
  • Build that team spirit you have been struggling for
  • Tear down the silos and get people and teams cooperating
  • Redo the targets you set for your team and replace them with common targets that employees genuinely care about

What you will learn:

  • The only leadership styles you need for successful leadership
  • How to use a scientifically proven leadership system
  • How Emotional Intelligence effects and enables your leadership impact
  • The importance of Resonant Leadership and how to build toward it
  • ONLY AT LEADERSHIPAHOY: Key practical advice from an experienced CEO
  • ONLY AT LEADERSHIPAHOY: Example situations from real life for each leadership style
  • ONLY AT LEADERSHIPAHOY: Words that underline and undermine your efforts with each leadership style
  • ONLY AT LEADERSHIPAHOY: How to actually use the leadership styles, when to switch, and how to combine, based on Carl Lindberg’s down-to-earth experience from leading in many cultures

New course version planned for release by mid-September. Sign up to our Newsletter below to get a heavily discounted introductory offer!


  • An interest and thirst for knowledge in leadership and management
  • Experience from leadership, either formal or informal, or an aspiration to become a leader or manager in the future

About the teacher

This course is given by Carl Lindberg, who has decades of leadership experience, including:

  • CEO of an international company
  • Led numerous management teams
  • Headed 2000+ employee organizations
  • Financial responsibility above $1.5B
  • Cultural experience from three continents

Here is what you get:

  • Understanding Organizational Climate and its effect on team performance
  • Learning how to use the four components of Emotional Intelligence to improve your leadership
  • Understanding each leadership style and its strengths, weaknesses, and how to use them
    • Democratic Leadership to build engagement, commitment, and participation.
    • Commanding Leadership for fast execution and strict adherence to rules.
    • Pacesetting Leadership to overperform and meet high-quality standards.
    • Visionary leadership to drive purpose, goals, and profound passions.
    • Affiliative Leadership to enable team bonding, trust, and loyalty.
    • Coaching Leadership to develop people for the long-term.
  • All these topics will include practical advice from an experienced international CEO and leadership expert (Carl Lindberg)

Testimonials to Carl Lindberg’s Leadership:

Carl is a leader who also reflect on his leadership and seek feedback to improve. He is also open, transparent, and flexible. He has a fantastic ability to adapt to different situations which is really good for the team. Carl works fast and very efficient, and I appreciate that he explains how he thinks and motivates different decisions.

Vice President, previously reporting to Carl Lindberg

Carl regularly seeks opinions and advice. He listens well and synthesizes opinions with his own view and opinion. This approach gets people on board and make us part of decisions. He is a good communicator – both in terms of language/tone and content. Carl can be very direct when needed and he has demonstrated an ability and courage to face and approach also difficult situations in a good and honest way. He is very intelligent which is displayed in his analytical skills and ability to quickly process information and use it in decision-making. Carl is a good listener.

Vice President, previously reporting to Carl Lindberg

I am a student finishing my BA program in Leadership and Management, and I’m happy to get this information because I know soon it will help me in one way or the other after completing my studies.

Cathy, regarding Carl’s engagement at Leadershipahoy

New course version planned for release by mid-September. Sign up to our Newsletter below to get a heavily discounted introductory offer!