Leadership Styles Quiz – Lewin styles

Which type of leadership style is your dominant style? Knowing this is a critical step towards more intentional leadership. If you lack self-awareness, how will you know in what direction you need to develop as a leader?

Answer the questions in this quiz to find out whether your dominant style is Autocratic Leadership Style, Democratic/Participative Leadership Style, or Laissez-Faire Leadership Style.

Autocratic Leadership is when the leader holds literally all the decision power. It is likely to be the best option in times of crisis when fast decisions are an absolute must. Autocratic leadership has many disadvantages and is considered to be one of the least popular leadership styles. Learn more in our article: Autocratic Leadership Style.

Democratic leadership is when an empowered team takes full part in the decision-making process. Ideas and suggestions can be brought forward by any team member, and there is a strive for consensus in decision making. In the end, the democratic leader approves or makes the decision. Democratic leadership is an effective leadership style but can sometimes be too slow when fast decisions are needed. Learn more in our article: Democratic Leadership Style.

Laissez-faire leadership, also called delegative leadership, is the most laid-back leadership style where team members are essentially given free rein to complete tasks in whatever way they please. The laissez-faire leader is hands-off and delegates as many tasks as possible to team members. It’s a leadership style that depends heavily on the leader’s trust in each team member’s ability to execute. Learn more in our article: Laissez-Faire Leadership Style.

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This leadership styles quiz is not built on scientific research, it is merely to be seen as an indication of which your most dominant style is. If decide to do so, you can use this indication to work with leadership styles and choose one or several styles to use based on intent.

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