Get fantastic team RESULTS while LIMITING STRESS!

The CEO Blueprint To Pacesetting Contains:

Pacesetting Leadership is a double-edged sword. Although known to bring great performance in short time, it has weaknesses with stress and employee engagement. This Blueprint teach you how to get the benefits while strongly reducing and controlling the weaknesses of Pacesetting Leadership.

This blueprint guide for pacesetting leadership is for students, workers, managers, aspiring managers, senior leaders, CEOs, and others.

It will help you to understand pacesetting mechanisms, your own treatment of the pacesetting element, and how to reduce or increase the pacesetting leadership you use. Leader or follower does not matter.
We all lead to some degree. You will learn the risks and drawbacks of pacesetting and how to pace your own pacesetting behaviors. You will learn alternative pacesetting methods where you can get strong results without stressing your environment out of control.

Your Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to use pacesetting leadership,
    not just what it is
  • Gain the ability to push your team to an
    optimum level without going too far
  • Improve Performance and Results
  • Know when to pace set and when to avoid it
  • Tips, techniques, and methods to obtain
    results while limiting its drawbacks
  • Examples, scenarios and applications of
  • Get Yourself Noticed as a Great Leader
  • No risk: Refund allowed within 60 days

Example Cases in the Guide:

  • Working for a pacesetting leader
  • The leader who never thinks results are
    good enough
  • Being a pacesetting leader
  • Avoiding interrogation
  • Use facts, not the whip
  • Stressful body language
  • Key words and sentences to avoid
  • The Grocery Store example
  • The Quality Campaign Example
  • Behind on Spare Parts Example

What Makes This Guide Different?

Our Blueprint to Pacesetting does not stop at theory, it digs deeper and presents you with real-life pacesetting situations, personalities, and provides you with examples on how to use pacesetting in different industries, such as a store, a shipping situation and a quality campaign.

The tips and tricks in this Blueprint are described by Carl Lindberg who has used these actual methods in real life business situations to great success! 

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Product

Where and How do I Order the Blueprint?

The Blueprint product is sold by Digistore24 which handles all the transactional items, such as receiving payment, assisting you with refunds, and any other order-related topics. You can buy the in the embedded order form at the bottom of this page.

When and How Can I Access the Blueprint?

Once you have paid for the Blueprint, you will immediately be forwarded to a landing page that contains a link for downloading it in PDF format. The link and relevant information will also be sent to the email you specify on the order page.
In a nutshell: you get access to the Blueprint immediately upon payment. You will be able to download the file a maximum of five times, in case you lose your previous download. Any additional downloads cannot be transferred to another person. Every user needs to buy their own Blueprint.

What is the Format of this Blueprint?

Your Blueprint is delivered in PDF format to make it accessible on multiple devices.

What if I am Disappointed with the Blueprint?

Although I am confident that you will enjoy the Pacesetting Blueprint and learn some great leadership skills from it, I understand if you are concerned before purchasing. You have sixty days money-back guarantee and can contact Digistore24 for a refund within that time, so no need to worry.

About the team

Who is Carl Lindberg, the Author?

Carl Lindberg has had the fantastic opportunity to be a leader in many different areas of business. At most, he has led more than 2000 people and had financial responsibilities above 1BUSD. Carl has worked with direct reports in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia and employees in about twenty different countries. Carl has lived on three continents, learning about leadership and communication in different cultures. 

What does Carl know about Pacesetting?

Carl used to score too high on Pacesetting Leadership in surveys earlier in his career. He has learned how to control his pacesetting, and also how to prevent the downsides of pushing too much for results. After many years of using the pacesetting leadership style, Carl has managed to find methods of getting awesome results while limiting the impact on the team, driving engagement and empathy on the way.

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