Try out our pacesetting leadership quiz in order to get a rough understanding of how pacesetting you are. If you are too much of a pacesetter, you can have a negative impact on team climate and in fact on overall performance, even if that might seem counterintuitive. It is very important to consider pacesetting leadership as one of many styles to be used depending on the situation at hand. Read more about the entire framework and the other styles in our article: Goleman leadership styles.

This pacesetting leadership quiz is intended to provide general guidance on whether you are using too much, a decent amount, or too little pacesetting in your leadership. This leadership style quiz is not based on a scientific process and is based on our theoretical understanding and practical experience of pacesetting leadership.

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Disclaimer: The results should be seen as indicative only, and not as a proper assessment with detailed recommendations, especially since this test is not based on a scientific approach.