Carl Lindberg has created the following leadership guides, books, and courses to provide you with additional learning opportunities. You can read more about Carl right here: About Carl Lindberg. We also have a few free offers at the bottom of the page.


Books by Carl Lindberg of

Intrapersonal Communication
Understand and Develop Your Inner Dialogue

Learn to understand and express your thoughts better by learning the methods of this book. Control and understand your inner dialogue and become a better person through self-coaching.

Leadership Styles: The Classics
Autocratic, Democratic, and Laissez-Faire Leadership

Learn about the Lewin leadership styles and the famous experiments that spawned the three classic leadership styles. Scientific results, in-depth description of styles, and criticism of the Lewin framework.

Advanced Courses and Guides by Carl Lindberg

Pacesetting Leadership Guide

- $14.99

Learn how to get great team performance without stressing out the team!

Pacesetting is a difficult art: it leads to great performance but must be balanced to avoid stress, employee turnover, and other consequences. In this CEO Blueprint, Carl shares advanced techniques to enable high-performing pacesetting with limited consequences!

Democratic Leadership Online Course - $99

Struggling with Team Performance? Learn to implement democratic leadership to build participation, creativity and collaboration in your team - the result is more engagement and stronger performance! Carl shows you how to do this, step-by-step in this video/audio course.

Personal Leadership Coaching CURRENTLY FULL - $5000

Boost your career! Go through a personal leadership development program with Carl and take your skills, confidence, and capabilities to the next level.
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7 Tips on How to Improve Your
Emotional Intelligence

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Leadership Styles: An Introduction to
27 Different Leadership Styles

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