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Become a more agile and flexible leader by using EI and Six leadership styles!

Learn about Resonant Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and the six leadership styles that will make you a more effective, flexible and impactful leader!

Learn from a CEO: 3 Webinars to make you a more flexible and better leader!

Lots of people struggle with leadership styles. It is one thing to read about them, but a completely different thing to know HOW to use leadership styles and HOW and WHEN to switch between them!

Learn about Resonant Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and the Six Leadership Styles

These three webinars teach you how to understand yourself and your team members to a better degree, and how to become a resonant leader who is in tune with the team, driving an organizational climate for productivity, performance and success!

Become more agile and flexible by learning HOW to SWITCH between styles!

Learn about Commanding, Pacesetting, Affiliative, Democratic, Visionary and Coaching leadership from a real-life CEO!
Gain the skill of how and when to switch between styles, and stop being a single facetted leader with only one way of leading!

WEBINAR content

What's in the 3 webinars?

Webinar 1

Resonant Leadership, EI, and the Leadership Style Concept

Change your approach by applying the Platinum Rule, stronger Emotional Intelligence and a Resonant Leadership approach!

Webinar 2

The Six Leadership Styles

Learn about pacesetting, visionary, commanding, affiliative, coaching and democratic leadership - the only leadership styles you will ever need in your leadership toolbox!

Webinar 3

Actual usage and how to switch between leadership styles

Carl teaches you how leadership styles manifest, how/when to switch between them, and why it is absolutely critical that you switch between leadership styles - sometimes several times within the same meeting!

About  Carl Lindberg

Carl Lindberg has had the fantastic opportunity to be a leader in many different areas of business. At most, he has led more than 2000 people and had financial responsibilities above 1BUSD. Carl has worked with direct reports in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia and employees in about twenty different countries. Carl has lived on three continents, learning about leadership and communication in different cultures.

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